Quick tips for writing

What do you when you need to write, but you just can’t the words to come? It happens. Sometimes you have a writing project to tackle and for whatever reason, you have zero motivation. Here are five tips and tricks for getting past it.

  1. Start with an outline. Sometimes thinking it through to the end can get your juices flowing.
  2. Google examples. There are very few original thoughts left out there – I’m sure someone’s written something similar before – maybe it’ll inspire you.
  3. Just get it out there. You might hate that first sentence (or paragraph) but leave it and keep going. Come back to it at the end.
  4. Set a timer and stay focused. Tell yourself you only have to write for 15 minutes. You’ll be surprised at how much you can actually write in that much time.
  5. Exercise. If you’re really stuck, take a break to be active, go for a run or a walk to reset your mind.

Once you’ve gotten it out there make sure you edit, edit, edit. Read it out loud, word-by-word. Have someone else read it. Ideally an editor, but if that’s not possible, find someone who is new to the content – a partner, friend, parent, sibling… whatever works! I do suggest finding someone who isn’t familiar with the content to be your last set of eyes – they’re the most likely to pick up inconsistencies and content gaps.

Let me know what works for you – happy writing!

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