Just because you can… doesn’t mean you should

I receive a lot of media kits and emails from websites, blogs, magazines and social media sites selling advertising. I get notifications from Facebook a few times a week suggesting I ‘boost a post’.

So how do I decide where to spend my limited advertising funds?

Where to advertise

I like to start small, in areas where I’m already engaging with people – or where I know my audience should be. Maybe I boost a post on Facebook, or create an ad for Instagram – both these platforms are easy to use and provide helpful tips on what makes a successful ad. They also let me get very specific in terms of who my ad will reach.

LinkedIn and Twitter are a bit more challenging to use. I still use them, but unless you have a large following on one of those platforms already I wouldn’t necessarily start there. And if you’re looking to put an ad in a print piece or on a website I highly recommend working with a designer to create your ad – since the cost is typically higher than social media, you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to stand out.

So – once you’ve decided where you’re going to advertise – and what your ad will be – you can just post it and watch the clients roll in, right?


Are your ads working?

I hope you do see an impact with your ads – obviously, that’s the point! But you need to measure what you’re doing so you know what’s working and what isn’t. Use a URL builder to make sure you can track what happens after the ads are clicked! (And compare ads from different sources!)

Pay attention to the users and sessions that come from ads. But don’t stop there, look at the amount of time they’re spending on your website, where they go and if they actually purchase something (or complete whatever your goals might be). That’s what the purpose of your ad is after all!

Good luck – and let me know how it goes!

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