Who is your audience

When you’re promoting your company do you know who you’re promoting it to? You need to have a clear idea of your audience before you write about your company – and definitely before you promote it. So how do you figure out who they are?

Start out by asking yourself who your very best client is. Your best client might not be your most common client – they also might not be the client that brings you the most profit per job. They will, however, be the client who gets the most value from your services. Your best client is the one who sings your praises and probably has referred you to his or her co-workers, friends and family.

*This is a good time to note that you may have aspirational clients – dream jobs – that’s great, and you should definitely do this exercise for them too – but most of your communication should be focused on your best client – that’s who will pay your bills*

Once you’ve identified your best client, create a profile for them. I created a handy questionnaire of questions to ask yourself to come up with your profile.

The more you can be specific about who you’re speaking to, the more targeted your communication can be. And the more targeted your communication is, the more it will resonate with your audience.  Being really specific can also give you ideas for where you might find more “best clients” and who doesn’t want that?

Next, really think about how and where you’re communicating. Are you framing your website to speak to your best client? Are your social media channels reaching the right crowd? Hopefully, they are, but if not it’s never too late to tweak your site and re-frame your social content. Start attracting more “best clients” and let me know how it goes!

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