Building Connections

As a communications person, it’s my job to build connections. I work first to understand who my audience is, and next to build connections them. Because making connections with your audience builds loyalty and community. And that community and loyalty can come in handy – there are the obvious benefits of referrals and repeat customers, but there’s also the less obvious perk of having a network of people communicating for you. When people feel connected to your company they’re more comfortable speaking up to defend your brand or respond to inquiries without being prompted. A community of engaged people can actually save you money and time!

So, how do you build meaningful connections with our audience? The first step is to really know your audience. Once you know who you’re trying to connect with, talk to them like real people. And try your best to sound like a real person yourself.

It’s so easy to slip into impersonal-business-speak when marketing, take this for example:
“Bree Communications helps companies build audiences through various communication channels. They are experienced communicators and marketers.”
There’s nothing specifically wrong with it, but it’s not making me want to engage at all.

Try your hardest to stay away from referring to yourself or your company in the third-person. Mention your company name, but then try to speak as a person.
“Bree Communications can help you reach your markets. Let us share our experience with you.”
This is better, just by including a few personal pronouns.

It can get even better by making it more personal though. Think about what you’d say to someone if you were talking to them face to face.
“I started Bree Communications to help companies like yours’. My team has experience working in social media, online and even with newspapers (some of us are old!) – let me know how we can help you grow your business.”

People generally want to make connections. It’s hard to feel a real connection with a company. You can make it much easier by being you. And, when you build connections and community, your business will benefit. I hope you’ll give it a try!

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