Breanne O'Reilly, Lover of contentI’m a born and raised Calgarian with a love for words and stories, a memory like an elephant and a stickler for rules. I get to do what I love each day, as I work with companies to write, edit and produce content. I develop communications strategies, write and structure websites, build sites using content management systems (like WordPress), write blog posts and newsletters, create postcards and brochures, analyze websites and help companies navigate social media. I love really getting to know the people and companies I work with – and I’d love to help you communicate with your audience better. If you’d like to get to know me better, keep reading or let’s chat over coffee!

Other tidbits about me:

  • I love the colour orange – my first email address was orangegirl@hotmail, I kind of wish I kept it!
  • I am a communications person who isn’t afraid of a little data and math – I can spend hours going through analytics
  • I love coffee, wine, beer and dogs – I’m getting pickier the older I get, but I can’t imagine not loving any of those things
  • I don’t love cooking, baking, crafting or cleaning… I’m pretty much the worst housewife you’ve ever met. Thankfully, my husband is a great cook, so we don’t go unfed!
  • I hate crafting, but furniture re-creation is right up my alley. I’d love to have a garage of my own where I could store my sale-finds, refinish and sell them.
  • I’m terrified of birds. Like if one of my kids were to be attacked I’m not sure I would do anything but scream. I realize my fear is mostly irrational… but I can’t get my mind to get past the beaks, beady little eyes and sharp talons.
  • I’m also a wife and a Mom to two kids and one golden retriever – they’re pretty awesome!